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Madrid Sexy, Scene #03


Mike Colucci’s loose sweatpants fail to camouflage his tree-trunk thighs and killer ass. On the street, he catches the attention of Alessandro Masterio, who asks for the time and gets the time of his life. Unable to wait, Alessandro has to see and grope Mike’s ass right there in front of the bullfighting ring. In return, Mike pulls Alessandro’s cock and balls out where anyone passing by can see. That’s fun, but they need a place to vent what’s building in theirballs. They’re off to Mike’s apartment, where they clutch and kiss with such urgency, you wonder if they will let go long enough to strip. Mike is deep-chested, freckled, smooth, muscular. Alessandro is slim and wiry, with body hair and a three-day growth of beard. Bare feet shuffle on the floor as they kick off shoes and pants. Down to tighty whities, they grind their boners together. Mike drops to his knees, wraps his arms around Alessandro’s hips andlicks and swallows until he nearly gives himself — and Alessandro — whiplash. Then he turns and crouches like a runner at the starting blocks for Alessandro to savor one of the hottest asses on the planet. A sit-fuck follows, with Mike’s muscular back and tan-lined buns in rhythmic thrusts as Alessandro probes his depths. Mike shoots his cum into Alessandro’s mouth as Alessandro’s load streams out of his cock.

Date: February 15, 2013

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