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Ty Roderick has the look of a bad boy, with his numerous tats and studded ears. But he’s no stranger to cock, and he’s about to be pounded by one of the biggest cocks around, Paddy O’Brian’s. They meet at the edge of a swimming pool, Ty’s longer cock and Paddy’s fatter one battling for the same space. That contest is put on hold when Paddy aims his meat at Ty’s mouth. Sucking deep on Paddy’s cock, Ty is seriously aroused stroking away at his cock. Ty stands, and they lock lips, keeping them locked all the way to the bedroom. Kneeling on the bed, Paddy thwacks Ty’s taut ass with his meat stick, and that gets Ty worked up so much he asks to be fucked. Paddy is quick to fulfil Ty’s request, and he rams Ty’s hole to the hilt in a single drive. Groaning and kicking his hip flexors into gear, Ty grinds counterthrusts while Paddy pumps like a pneumatic drill. Ty flips onto his back to get his prostate poked from a different angle, while slinging an arm behind one thigh to grab his cock and stroke it. Wide at the shoulders and narrow at the hip, Paddy pounds until the glistening precum dripping from Ty’s cock turns white and the jizz begins to squirt, melded with Paddy’s spectacular spouts of milky cum.

Date: September 26, 2012

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