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On the porch of a spectacular vineyard, lean and passionate Jake Steel is grinding on seated stud Danny Palick, who may have the most stunning pair of lips you’ve seen in years. Inspired by the hot setting, the pair make out feverishly getting each other worked up so much that they start tearing each other’s clothes off. Jake goes to town first, uncovering Danny’s cock and slurping down on it with as much passion as his making out. Danny is quick to return the favor as he pulls down Jake’s shorts and moves him into position to wrap those amazing lips around Jake’s long, thick pole and take it to the back of his throat. They take brief rests from this expert cocksucking demonstration to kiss and make out, but they quickly get back to the goods. Finally they stand side-by-side kissing and making out until they both jerk huge streams of cum from their cocks.

Date: August 15, 2012

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