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Members Exclusive


Drake Wild is alone in the locker room when Sebastian Rossi arrives. The gears spin in Drake’s mind as he undresses, keeping tabs on Sebastian. Sebastian’s back is turned, but his eyes are peeled, too. Neither wants to be caught looking, yet each knows the other is watching. Drake massages the pouch of his black jockstrap, and when that maneuver reels Sebastian in closer, Drake offers a peek. Hooked! Sebastian gets to chowing down first, in deep gulps that leave his cheeks hollow with suction. Drake’s cut cock is seriously fat — the perfect size to work with lips, tongue, hand or tonsils. When it’s his turn to suck, Drake puts a lot of action onto his sucking, and his buns tempt with a sidelong glance. Sebastian is verbal about how he wants it, and he slaps his uncut meat around Drake’s face. When Drake gets it right, it leaves lots of slobber all over Sebastian’s torso. At the moment of orgasm, Sebastian’s eyes roll back and his face becomes a big question mark, just like the loops of jism shooting out of his cock. Drake steps up and takes aim at Sebastian’s abs and shoots.

Date: November 12, 2012

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