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Members Exclusive


The plump buns of Tyler Alexander are captivating. Tyler and the slim and sexy Levi Madison are in a hard embrace, and Levi kisses like he’s trying to scour out the inside of Tyler’s mouth. The head of Tyler’s uncut cock peeks out in satisfaction. Levi kneels, grabs the shaft, pulls back the foreskin and makes an O-ring with his mouth. His tongue is equally adept at wrapping itself around Tyler’s hard on, and when he swallows, his lips hit against Tyler’s balls. Tyler moans and rolls his head in appreciation. It’s not long before Levi is reclining on a leather bench, running his hands along Tyler’s back and shoulders. Spitting on Levi’s fine meat and bobbing his head up on down on it, Tyler is enjoying himself thoroughly. The sexual excitement is obvious from the writhing and squirming of their panther-like torsos. Tyler changes the pace and the pressure of his lips, causing Levi’s breaths to become short and fast. Streams of saliva cascade down Levi’s cock as he yanks it from Tyler’s mouth and erupts in spurts spunk. That’s the trigger that sends Tyler over the edge, and he unloads his creamy juices onto Levi’s face.

Date: October 15, 2012

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