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Mountain Tops Part 1, Scene #02


Brad Foxx and Levi Madison are joined at the tongue. Tall evergreens afford privacy for their mountaintop tryst. When Levi rolls up Brad’s t-shirt, he’s confronted by too manychoices, so he yanks Brad’s pants down and goes for the cock. It’s big and veiny, with plum-sized balls hanging below. Using his hand and his tongue, Levi wraps Brad’s uncut meat in a warm envelope of flesh. While Levi shucks his shirt and pants, Brad turns the other cheek. Two, actually. He spreads them so Levi can work his tongue in deeper. Levi’s right hand works its own sexual magic: a thumb teasing Brad’s hole while fingers grasp andgently squeeze Brad’s nut sack. This could make a guy shoot in no time, so Brad pushes Levi against a tree and enters him from behind. Brad’s abs take center stage, rippling as he drives his cock into Levi’s smooth hole again and again. They drop to the ground with Levi on his back, his knees tucked to his shoulders as Brad slams deeper and faster, displaying a perfectly rounded ass. They separate and kiss. Levi sucks Brad’s cock one final time as it begins to spew its load, which runs over Levi’s lips and drips onto his slim chest. Levi grabs his own cock and churns a load onto the forest floor.

Date: February 20, 2013

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