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Bottomless Cafe, Scene #02


Since lazy cafe worker Tony Orlando won’t give customers Brian Bonds and Drew Sebastian any service, they figure they’ll at least get some sexual action out of him. Tony may be lazy, but he responds when naked Brian bends over the cafe counter. While Drew fucks Brian’s ass, Tony fucks his mouth, and swen Brian least expects it, Drew slides his hand in with his cock, stretching Brian’s crack ever further. One fist, two, fist, three fist, four! Brian lays back and strokes his cock while Drew and Tony work out his ass. Brian’s hole is hungry. Real hungry! So, Drew and Tony give the piggy hunk what he wants, with rapid-fire fists in and out of his ass until they take a quick pause and Brian is left with a bright red rosebud blooming. Tony and Drew are relentless, pounding Brian any time he tries to slow down the. When Brian starts to wristride Tony’s fist, Drew lets loose and shoots a load all over the counter that Brian tries to catch with his mouth. Instead, Tony laps up the load on the counter while Brian cleans up the last few drops leaking from Drew’s cock.

Date: August 12, 2021

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