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Pride Studios – Carnal Desire


High Performance Men is pleased to re-introduce the world to porn superstar CJ Madison in his first scene in several years. Pairing CJ with power bottom and self described ‘pig’ Derek Parker was a perfect choice for this scene. From the moment the two met each other the chemistry between them was apparent and they could not keep their hands off each other. The passion and energy exuded from these two is smoldering hot to say the least. These two kiss each other with such gusto that you just wish you were one of their tongues so you could feel and taste the sex. After kissing and getting each others clothes off Derek waists no time in doing his best to deep throat all 9′ of CJ’s massive uncut cock. Swapping spit in between sucking CJ soon returns the favor and devours Derek’s cock. He soon has Derek bent over as he dives into his succulent ass and shows that he is one of the best at rimming hot ass. Derek moans in ecstasy as CJ loosens his hole with his tongue and spit. Soon CJ is pounding Derek’s eager hole long and deep and as he thrusts faster and harder Derek screams out in pleasure. After a few positions, Derek is straddling CJ and riding his cock like a bronco at the state fair. He soon cannot hold back any longer and CJ opens his mouth wide and takes Derek’s big load down his throat. Derek then returns the favor as he takes CJ’s load in his face and mouth and then the two share a passionate and deep kiss as they both catch their breath from their true CARNAL DESIRE. Enjoy!

Date: November 27, 2012

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