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Pride Studios – Obvious Attraction


High Performance Men is pleased to present our exclusive CJ Parker and Dirk Willis in Obvious Attraction. Both CJ and Dirk had an immediate connection when they met in person and without hesitation they asked if they could fuck each other. They start out kissing deep and hard and soon have each others clothes being pulled off as they eagerly explore each others hairy muscular bodies. From licking, sniffing to groping, they both work each other over long and hard. Dirk then goes to work on CJ’s cock through his underwear at first and then he is deep throating it long and hard as he gags on the thick cock. CJ returns the favor as he takes all 8′ of Dirk’s cock down his throat. The two then share a nice 69 for a while before Dirk starts eating CJ’s beautiful juicy ass. He then bends CJ over the couch and begins fucking him slow at first and then more aggressively as he manhandles CJ from the couch to bent over the coffee table. CJ then pulls Dirk down on his cock as Dirk rides him on the couch for a while before CJ bends him over the table and pounds him hard. CJ then pulls out and shoots a nice load all over Dirk’s chest and face as Dirk slurps it up he too is turned on and CJ returns the favor by taking Dirk’s load down his throat. Enjoy!

Date: February 12, 2013

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