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Pride Studios – Tops & Robbers


Trenton is preparing for his after workout shower while James is creeping up to his house and spying on him from the outside window. Trenton has no clue that James is watching him waiting to break inside. Once out of view James slowly opens the door into the back room and he can hear the shower so he begins to rummage through all the drawers looking for anything to steal. He finds lube and some toys and then some cold hard cash but Trenton can hear someone rustling about and he storms out of the shower to see James going through his pockets. He rushes James pushing him to the side than forcefully grabbing him by the neck and pushing him face first into Trenton’s cock making him suck it. Trenton doesn’t go easy on the robber and face fucks him hard and rough. He rips his shirt off than throws him on to the bed and flips him around and shoves his cock deep inside. Trenton stomps on James head as he fucks him hard and rough for some good leverage. James can’t get away and is taking a pounding in every hole that Trenton wants to use. James will be sure not to ever rob someone again.


Date: October 1, 2014

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