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Pride Studios – WET BRIEFS


Drake and Alex both are in the shower wearing only their white briefs. As the water gets their briefs wet we can see both of their fat bulges. Soon they have their cocks out stroking them as the water flows over their bodies. Drake then drops to his knees first as he devours Alex’s huge cock all the way down his throat and gagging on it. Alex face fucks Drake for a bit before pulling him up and dropping to his knees. Alex returns the favor by driving Drake’s huge cock deep down his throat. He then spins Drake around and buries his tongue deep into Drake’s eager hole. Drake moans and begs for more each time Alex sticks his tongue deeper into his ass. They turn the water off in the shower, quickly dry each other off and then Alex replaces his tongue with his hard thick cock to the delight of Drake. Alex starts out fucking slow and steady and then he increases the intensity as Drake moans in pure delight with every inch of his cock going deep into his ass. Drake then climbs on top of Alex and rides his cock with gusto. He shoots a nice thick creamy load all over Alex’s stomach and then dives between Alex’s legs and as he shoots a hot load. Drake milks the last few drops out of Alex’s cock and then licks up the rest. Exhausted the two continue their shower…


Date: May 16, 2014

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