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Verboten 2, Scene #04


Ty LeBeouf can’t see who is untying him because of the blindfold, but when Josh West slowly fucks his face with his 10′ x 7′ cock he doesn’t really care. Now that his cock is wet and hard, West moves around to fuck LeBeouf. Knowing that LeBeouf wants to see the action, he removes the blindfold and fucks him slow and deep. There’s nothing better than a man with a huge cock who knows how to use it – and West is that man. He expertly fucks LeBeouf in every possible position, turning him around and flipping him over without ever taking his fat cock out of LeBeouf’s hungry hole. The intense fucking proves to be too much for LeBeouf when West lays down and orders LeBeouf to sit on his cock. LeBeouf blows his load first, allowing top stud West to stand up and stroke his giant cock until he blows.

Date: July 28, 2011
Actors: Josh West / Ty LeBeouf

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