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Verboten 2, Scene #05


Cock-pig Francesco D’Macho has fallen asleep in his cage at the beginning of Scene 5. Little does he know that the cock of his dreams lies waiting in the pants of Enrique Currero. The filthy-mouthed punk Currero orders D’Macho to lick his boots before he allows him to feast on his 11+ inch cock. D’Macho crawls on his knees, begging to be gagged by Currero’s tool. Currero pushes his head down the length of his cock until D’Macho chokes, calls him a ‘fucking pussy’ and fucks his face some more. All of this cock-heavy pumping makes D’Macho’s tool rock hard and he starts to crave Currero’s big cock in his ass. D’Macho gets on all fours and Currero fucks D’Macho like a jackhammer, making him beg for more. D’Macho sits on Currero’s cock in a reverse cowboy and jacks off while Currero punishes his hole. D’Macho’s fat uncut cock spews a load first, followed by Currero who rubs one out and shoots all over D’Machos’ head and face.

Date: July 28, 2011

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