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Akiras Lockdown Playtime


Akira is lonely and bored with no end coming soon to the lockdown. He remembers that his fellow model Tomoya lives nearby and hits him up. Tomoya stops by and asks whether Akira’s been spending all his time watching porn on his phone. When he finds out just how horny Akira is, Tomoya cums to the rescue and climbs into his bed.nnWhen Akira stands on the bed and drops trousers, Tomoya is quick to peel down his undies and start sucking him to a stiff erection. Akira guides his buddy’s head down with each slurp and things heat up even more. They both strip naked and toss aside their clothes to bury their faces in each others’ crotches for a passionate 69. Akira lubes a finger, then a couple more, slides them into Tomoya’s fuck-ready hole. Once the condom is on, Akira plows his dick into Tomoya’s hot little booty. He turns Tomoya onto his side and slams in while holding up one leg. When he pulls out, Tomoya is stroking his woody fast. He’s ready to blow. Lying next to each other on the bed, first Tomoya shoots his wad onto his smooth tight abs. Then horned up Akira kneels to milk out his sticky load onto his helpful buddy. Not so bored now, are you Akira?

Date: March 1, 2021

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