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Asuka Plows the Ass Of Khan


Khan is craving cock, and he’s all over horny Asuka to get some. Pinning dark, shaggy Asuka against the wall, our tall lean Asian dickhunter has him right where he wants him. Asuka’s cock is growing to meet the need. He fondles Khan’s woody inside his briefs and runs his hungry mouth across to start Asuka’s pulse racing. Asuka sucks his buddy’s nips, grinds their cocks together then Khan leads him to the bed and peels down his undies. Asuka’s dick pops right up to show how ready he is for this fuck. They trade juicy sucks and get down to some hotter action.nnSpreading his legs apart and opening his booty, Khan groans as Asuka slides his finger in. Grabbing the mattress with both hands, his body shivers with anticipation. Asuka rolls on a condom and lets his cock swell inside his ravenous buddy. The Japanese studs kiss and Asuka begins pumping hard. Khan’s legs are locked tight around Asuka’s waist, pulling him in tighter. Khan kneels with legs planted on either side of Asuka and the sex-crazed top starts thrusting straight up into the hot hole. Khan pants for air, getting close to exploding. Asuka grabs his hips from behind and drills straight up into his twitching hole. He pulls out to beat his dick off in Khan’s face. His juicy load drips down Khan’s lean, muscular pecs. With Asuka twiddling and munching his nips, Khan squirts a sticky splatter that coats his hand and tight belly.

Date: November 3, 2020

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