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Bangin’ Yuichi


Handsome Hiroya has a well-earned reputation as one of the main alpha studs around Japanboyz, so it’s no big surprise that when he strides into the bedroom, shy boy Yuichi seems a little reticent and nervous. But a juicy kiss and a tweak of his nipple puts the cute twink at ease, and leaves him wanting more. Hiroya slides down to nurse on the other nipple while he grinds his thick crotch against Yuichi’s leg. He takes Yuichi’s dick into his mouth and sucks new life into it. Yuichi raises his legs up to show off his hairy butt crack. Hiroya spits a thick wad of saliva onto the hole and starts licking. A slick finger slides in and gets Yuichi moaning for more.

The big muscleman stands with his stiff cock standing up straight as Yuichi kneels in front to swallow it. They lie down facing each other and 69 each others’ swelling tools. Rolling on a condom, Hiroya plows his cock in, with Yuichi rolling his head back and forth in ecstasy. On his hands and knees, the young twink feels his hot stud’s nuts slapping between his legs with each hard thrust. He groans with satisfaction when Hiroya drills in from behind. Things are heating up and something’s about to blow! With Yuichi on his back, Hiroya pulls out and sprays a hefty splatter across his slim waist. Nestled under the hot stud’s shoulder, Yuichi squirts a creamy load into his downy pubes.

Date: December 30, 2021

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