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Get To Know Ruito


Lean, striking Ruito stretches out before the window and scans the view of Tokyo. He’s a driver for a living, and knows japanboyz well from the internet. Single now, he doesn’t lack for sex buddies. Ruito is highly sex-driven, and gets hard just thinking about the guys that will watch his debut on Japanboyz. nnhe starts out stripping off the working guy flannel shirt, twiddling his nip to get his motor revving. his cock strains at the denim of his jeans, and he unzips to set it free. His smooth blue sports briefs are packed tight with his big package, and the camera guy can’t help fondling it a bit. Once he’s naked and on camera, he’s a natural. He’s stiff and reaady for action, turns to give the cameraman a nice view of his smooth tight hole. He lies back and relaxes as he strokes. Closing his eyes to imagine all the guys he wants to fuck, his nuts draw up tight into firing position and he pants for breath. He geysers out a big sticky load into his palm and down onto his downy pubes. A quick shower to give us one last look at his smooth defined body, and he’s clean and fresh for the next fuck which we bet is coming up right away.

Date: March 25, 2021

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