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Give It Up for Kouya


Looking like the latest sandy-haired J-Pop boyband sensation, Kouya is a hot Japanese 23-year old stud from Aichi. Fans of Asian sex sites might recognize this fresh-faced blond boy next door since he’s been working exclusively in porn since moving to the big city. He knows the great reputation of Japanboyz and is happy to get the chance to move up to this level. He prefers shooting action scenes with another model, but for this tryout he’s all alone with the camera and thousands of eager Japanboyz viewers.nnWhen this tan lanky fuckboi strips off his shirt and starts playing, it’s obvious why he’s become popular in Asian porn. He’s lean and perfectly built, and makes an immediate connection with the camera. When his hand dives into his sport briefs, his big stiff cock pops right out of the waistband and into action. Completely smooth, his skin is unblemished with a golden glow. The cameraman can’t resist reaching in to fondle Kouya’s nuts, butt and big tool. His ass is tight and perfectly puckered. We watch his long slender tattooed arms beating that beautiful dick until he tweaks his nips and lets the horny camera guy take over. As his hand deftly strokes the shaft, Kouya responds with a tightening of his balls. He’s ready to cum, and spurts a big wad of white creamy cum down his dick. It’s time now for a quick shower, and we get to see every inch of this handsome Japanese guy. His abs are a glistening washboard and his cock is still impressive now that it’s soft. He smooths the soapy lather into his hot muscular booty and rinses off. Nice to meetcha Kouya, what’s in store for next time?

Date: December 15, 2020

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