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Hiro’s Initiation


New guys wanting to become part of our hot Asian Japanboyz stable have to prove their bedroom talents, and we try to match them with friendly, patient models who make them feel comfortable and secure at the beginning. Hiro is lucky to start his video journey with sweet-tempered Akira.

Akira warms up Hiro’s hungry booty with slick fingers and a deep juicy tongue. Twitching for action and ready for more, Hiro holds on to Akira’s thick hard cock and swallows deep. Akira smiles and pumps it into Hiro’s talented mouth with a satisfied smile. This new boy knows what he’s doing. Akira returns the favor with a noisy slurp and lick as Hiro lies back relaxing, dreaming of cock. He rolls back with legs bent up and apart while Akira goes to work fingering and lubing his open hole. Hiro grits his teeth a little as Akira begins thrusting, but relaxes and closes his eyes to enjoy the ride. On hands and knees he bumps his butt back to meet every firm stroke, and Akira repays him with a deep kiss. He spreads his knees apart and rides Akira’s stiff dick, gets close to shooting. Only a few short strokes and his cock squirts out a creamy wad. Akira baptizes the new guy with a sticky faceful of hot juicy cum.

Date: January 28, 2022

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