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Hiroya Works Ryo’s Booty


Hiroya has a way with the new guys. And no wonder, he’s tan, muscular, hung and great-looking. Smooth, slender Ryo is a new addition to the Japanboyz roster and tonight he gets the full Hiroya treatment. They start with a deep soulful kiss, then Hiroya moves down to nibble Ryo’s nip. Fondling Ryo’s cock through his stretchy blue sports briefs, Hiroya gets it hard and ready for some serious action. He sucks it to the fuzzy root, moves his attention to Ryo’s furry asscrack. When it’s wet and slippery with spit, he slides in a finger.

Ryo’s horny now, happy to slurp Hiroya’s fuckready tool. Hiro’s kneeling behind the new kid in no time, letting him open up and enjoy the invading cock. He plows in deep as Ryo crouches on hands and knees. They lie next to each other in spoon position and Hiro raises the young stud’s leg to get a nice wide-open stance for screwing. Ryo’s breathing deep and moaning as Hiroya leans in to kiss his shoulder. Things heat up in a hurry, so Hiroya pulls out and yanks off the rubber just in time. His sticky load sprays across Ryo’s tight little waist. When Ryo milks the cum out of his raging hardon, Hiroya’s there to keep him on the edge with a sensuous nip lick. What a guy!

Date: August 6, 2021

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