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Horsing Around with Kaito


Japanboyz veteran Akira is paired up tonight with handsome new kid Kaito, starting the festivities in giggles as he sprints around the bed to tackle Kaito and yank down his undies. Kaito is laughing and all smiles, so he’s definitely in on the fun. Akira lets a gob of spit lube Kaito’s cute little butt and eases his bare cock in. Kaito lies back with arms stretched up behind him, letting out a few high-pitched moans of delight. Akira grabs his nips in both hands and twiddles them between thumbs and forefingers.

Akira fucks fast and shallow, but when Kaito climbs on top and slides his booty down onto that dick things get deep and slow. Kaito grinds his hot hungry booty into the dick below him, and Akira relaxes for just a minute before he starts his quickie-dickie screwing again. He grabs Kaito’s hips and drills in with a fury. Lifting one of Kaito’s bent legs up, he plows in from the side to Kaito’s satisfied groans. Their bodies knit together like a fuck machine turned up to high speed, as Akira leans in for a kiss. Kaito reaches for his cock and starts beating the cum out of it. It squirts out, spreading into a creamy puddle on his slim waist. Akira pulls out to add his own sticky splatter.

Date: April 16, 2021

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