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Japan Boyz – Back to Basics with Hideaki


Two good looking Japanese gay guys making out on a white sheet in front of an off-white wall. Pretty basic, huh? But it's the way Hideaki and Yoshimi ignite when they get their hands and mouths on each others' cocks elevates this scene to a whole other level. Yoshi is sporting a thick black bush and a slick shiny hardon, while Hideaki is tan and fuzzy with a long straight cock. He yanks on Yoshimi's piece while he's getting his own slurped, then returns the favor worshiping the horny top boy.rnrnYoshi is ready to move things along and spreads Hideaki's cheeks to lick his furry crack. He rolls on a rubber and slathers some goopey lube into Hideaki's cockhungry hole while he sucks his dick. He slides in gently then starts pumping. We get to see these Asian studs do some hot, tight, uncensored booty plowing when Hideaki grinds his ass down on Yoshimi's thrusting cock. They lay side by side, glare down at each others' beating fists as they get close to blasting. Yoshi's load geysers out first and splatters his smooth abs and chest. Then Hideaki milks out a huge one with Yoshi nibbling at his sensitive nips.

Date: December 27, 2019

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