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Japan Boyz – Daisuke's Return


Today marks the return of Daisuke. He's "cum" back to be the hot bottom for Mahiro. These two twinks are into one another from the start. As they kiss and explore, both their dicks show the "enjoyment" each is feeling. Daisuke lays back his friend and engulfs his dick as he slurps in delight. Mahiro has some nice sized balls that don't go without notice; Daisuke massages them seductively. Enjoying all of his partner's appendages, the bottom licks and sucks head to toe, arousing Mahiro even more. Daisuke also spends time rimming his partner; you know what they say, "do unto others as you want done." The top now takes Daisuke's hole into focus as he lubes up the boy and fingers him. The sensation of Daisuke's pink rose excites them even more; it is not long before Mahiro enters his partner with an even bigger "digit." As the bottom moans and whimpers, Mahiro reassures his partner with kisses, before rolling him even further back and entering even deeper. Watching the boys, the camera picks up the moment when Mahiro has "hit the spot;" Daisuke's hard dick twitches as his partner massages his prostate. With a few more positions and a "hole" lot more passion, Daisuke then cums onto his stomach as his partner thrusts. With all this penetration, Mahiro, lost in the pleasure, does not pull out, instead, he creampies his partner; both take a bit to recover from the pleasure they have just shared. Visit Japanboyz Here

Date: September 3, 2013

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