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With Hideaki being new to the industry, we paired him with Fuji for a fun fuck. Since both boys are gay and similar in body types, the attraction between them starts up as they kiss and strip. Fuji will be bottoming for Hideaki, who has an above average size cock; Fuji really seems to relish the full mouth affect he gets while blowing his partner. By the time Hideaki is ready to push in, he has already fingered and tasted where his cock will go; Fuji adds a strap for some extra excitement. In and pounding away, Hideaki keeps Fuji hard, from the inside; both boys enjoy watching Fuji's cock bounce. Changing up positions, their slim toned bodies are gorgeous. Fuji really enjoys being up against the wall with Hideaki behind him; the bottom moans, I like that. Close, the two stroke and tweak each others nipples; Fuji is first to cum as he leaves a large pool upon his groin. Hideaki then streams a number of shots up to Fuji's nipples on this sexy film.

Date: April 10, 2018

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