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Japan Boyz – Fuji & Khan Pair & Share


Always wanted to be a fly on the wall; "cumming" in on Khan and Fuji, fresh from the shower, they are ready to get dirty. The two super sexy, super horny twinks like what they feel and suck. As Khan blows his partner, Fuji tenderly caresses him. Swapping positions, we also get a look at that hot hole. Playfully docking their cocks, their desires are not only apparent, they're rock hard. As Fuji slides in Khan, the two giggle and express their compatibility; they were made for fucking. Checking out Fuji's hole as well, we all know how "giving" he is. Moving his hips to accommodate Fuji's dick, Khan begins to moan deeply. Together they maneuver in various pleasurable ways, rocking as one. Touching each other as they fuck, both boys' nipples are very sensitive and get them close. Pulling out, Khan strokes himself as Fuji caresses. Blowing all over his groin, Khan's thick load has Fuji jerking as well. When Fuji cums, his head is so sensitive he just lets the last juicy drops fall; Khan tries to touch, but not today.

Date: October 20, 2014

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