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Japan Boyz – Kiba's Induction Continues Part Two


In this second half of the straight boy's introduction to the pleasures of another man, Kiba kneels while his dick is "attended" by Kinjiro, who will bottom. Getting ready to top, Hisoka "opens up" his partner. Once in Kinjiro, the top works his mouth on Kiba; the boy's hands begin to explore both his gay partners. Gently, Hisoka pumps into his partner's hole as he bends down and kisses Kinjiro. Coming up from behind the two, Kiba continues to discover and be of "service" to Hisoka. Bent down and licking the top's balls, Kiba gets a great angle on the fun. With all the oral attention, Kiba soon blows onto his partners; damn that boy was "loaded." Prompting the guys to, "please cum on me," Kiba is unequivocally straight, and not much of an actor. Shortly Hisoka, followed quickly by Kinjiro, blast onto Kiba.

Date: July 7, 2015

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