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Japan Boyz – Osamu Gets the Big Dick He Needs


Yusaku, the resident "bad boy" in Japanboyz' stable, gets a worthy partner this week in dickhungry Osamu. The lean, handsome bottom is not afraid to reach down and grab Yusaku's ample prick and stroke it to a fuck-ready dimension, and always-horny Yusaku's not complaining. These Asian studs grind their gonads together till they almost forget their shower, but get in to lather each others' tight-muscled bodies like gladiators getting ready for a sex battle.rnrnGoodlooking, tatted and edgy, Yusaku is the type that takes control. But here he's matched with someone who wants his cock every bit as much as Yusaku wants to ram it in, and the results look to be explosive. When they retire to bed for the sexual fireworks to start, things begin romantic and sweet. But both fired-up Asian studs are SO ready for action. The touch of fingers on his nipples has Osamu's cock leaping up, and he pushes his ass back into Yusaku's crotch. After trading sucks, Osamu lies back while Yusaku slides in a condomed finger to probe his quivering hole. Immediately the moaning begins and Osamu's hips start pumping. When Yusaku lets his dick slide into the twitching booty, Osamu welcomes him with cries of pleasure, wraps his legs around the edgy stud's muscular waist. He grabs, pulls and holds Yusaku tighter as their bodies rock and pump in perfect unison. Yusaku's butt bobs up and down as he thrusts into his cockstarved buddy. Osamu's head tosses back, his guttural groans begging for more. When it reaches the point of no return, they lie tangled up next to each other, watching each others' cocks swell up and explode in creamy, high-flying geysers of sticky male juice.

Date: February 7, 2020

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