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Japan Boyz – Samurai Time Freeze


Oh my, has a sweet treat for us, and them today. Four boys begin, but who will "cum" in the end. Sitting on the bed, there is Nobu on the left, then Masa and Shinobu, in the red shirt. Our fourth boy is Kenshin, who wheels an ancient "Magical Samurai Sword," freezing time. With this power, Kenshin strips all three twinks as they are unable to move; dare I say, it's like an Asian buffet. "Butt," let's watch and see if the three can use their own "powers" on this boy and his "long weapon."
Undressing the three seems like hard work; I mean, I'm already getting a chubby. When the twinks wake up naked, Kenshin stops time again, but not their ability to get hard, smart boy. Now I know Shinobu is "frozen" but I seem to see a growing smile on him as Kenshin focuses his attention on the boy's dick. The "warrior" then attaches some nipple toys to the twink. Kenshin sheathes the sword and as the boys awaken, they take the blade and use its powers on Kenshin. Pushing him back on the bed, six hands start to work on Kenshin's body and his "weapon." I'm seeing a growing smile on Kenshin's face, as well as mine. Awakening him, he is now bound and at their mercy, an envious position. Various toys come out and Kenshin becomes the object of the other three's "affection;" got to love the hum of technology. Fingering his hole, the three debate as to who will be their fist to "dip his sword" into Kenshin; "cum" back, there's lots more. Visit here!

Date: September 12, 2013

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