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Japan Boyz – See-Through & Spew


This very sensual scene starts with both hotties in some see-through underwear, sucking one another's tongue. With the tattooed boy topping today, Kazuki makes his move and blows Sen first. Toying with some nipple rings, Sen quickly stiffens and returns the favor. The camera goes around the rear of Kazuki and gets a great shot his puckered hole. After a bit more oral fun, the top then sides in as Sen reminds his partner to go slow. Getting into a nice rhythm, Kazuki makes Sen squeal and spreads his legs even further. Changing positions a few times, this pair is definitely into one another and it shows; fully ass-essible, the bottom rolls over to his knees and tugs as he is fucked. Close, Sen sits atop his boy and they both jerk. Grinding, Sen is the first to blow, which prompts Kazuki to spew as well.

Date: October 25, 2016

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