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Japan Boyz – Sensual Sensations Between Boys


Here to have some fun, Riku, on the left will bottom and Nobu will top. Both of these models enjoy the sensual touch of a man and judging by their bashful smiles, this is going to be a hot scene. Long, lingering kisses with full on fondling, has both Riku and Nobu up and hard even before they undress one another. So sensitive are Riku's nipples, that Nobu can't help but spend some "quality time" lapping at them. Sucking the bottom's dick, Nobu is enthralled. Then it's the top's turn; I love how he pushes Riku's face into his crotch. As the camera goes behind the bottom's bottom, I envy the enjoyment they will soon have as that bubble butt looks like sheer pleasure. The pair intertwine their bodies and orally satisfy each other. Nobu then lubes up Riku's hole and penetrates with his finger; love seeing the top's dick twitch as his digit explores. Hearing Riku's soft moans intensifies the bond they are sharing. Taking the bottom boy from behind, Nobu pants softly as he works Riku's hole. Flipping to his back, Riku opens himself up fully to allow the top total access. Together they work, continually touching one another; Nobu can't get enough of Riku's dick as he "multitasks" the boy. Clawing at the bottom's nipples has Riku close; as he blows his load, a huge pool of cream lands onto his freckled stomach. Pulling out, Riku jerks until he too adds to the delight. Together the boys shower, once again, a time of passion and continual touching.

Date: July 21, 2014

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