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Japan Boyz – Sensual Swordplay


Pairing these two boys together was a no-brainer; presents Shosei and Hisoka, two very passionate and sensual guys. The romantic duo enjoy lots of foreplay and oral stimulation, without a care about anything else. The sword carrier is Shosei and the other, Hisoka. Watch and savor as they maneuver and explore; looks like they're using their tongues for most of the "trip." Shosei is on top, and by the time he gets to Hisoka's cock, it is in full measure. Hell, looks like they're both serious about this "swordplay" as each has a sizable weapon. Rolling Shosei over, Hisoka takes his turn on top. The kissing and nipple play is intoxicating; a slow, lovemaking session is at hand. As they 69 one another, the room goes quiet, but for the sensual slurping of cock. Checking with his partner, looks like Shosei will get to use his "sword" inside Hisoka; lucky boys. It takes a bit and several positions, but I'm sure these two are far from done. One Japanese saying is that, "a man in love mistakes a pimple for a dimple." In this case, I'm sure Shosei will use both Hisoka's "outtie and innie."

Date: February 24, 2014

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