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Just Yu and Me


Shyboy Yuichi doesn’t know what he’s in for when edgy Japanese stud Yusaku starts twiddling and nibbling at his nips. Yusaku stands on the bed to yank his briefs down and offer up his giant pierced cock for the sucking, and Yuichi meekly gets himself a mouthful. From below we see the massive boner packing into Yuichi’s sweet little mouth. He backs off and stares at the big tool in disbelief. If he’s surprised at how well it fit into his mouth, just wait a sec and see how it opens up his tight little booty.nnYusaku peels off Yuichi’s undies, starts with a few delicate kisses and works his way down. Yuichi wraps his ankles around Yusaku’s hips and pulls him in closer. His hole gets a slick coat of lube and Yusaku drills his finger in deep. In a hot minute Yusaku’s rolled on a condom and soaked his crotch with lube as well. He pops in the head and lets Yuichi open up and draw him in to the root. Then he bends over to kiss his new buddy as he begins pumping. Yuichi pants and gasps, unable to catch his breath as his ass fills up with hard-driving cock. He moans with pleasure as Yusaku plows in harder. They turn over to doggy style, Yusaku racing toward a cumsplosion. They lie next to each other with Yusaku licking Yuichi’s nip and kissing him. Who’s ready to blow first? It’s Yuichi, splattering musky manjuice all over his stubbled pubes and down the shaft of his dick. Yusaku is close behind, with a hot sticky splash drenching his fist and hard abs, dripping off the ring in his pierced cock.

Date: October 5, 2020

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