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Koua Treats Hayato’s Asshole


When you’re playing doctor in Tokyo, you can’t do much better than blond bombshell Kouya taking charge of whatever ails you. Tan, lean and lovely, the sexy tattooed Japanboyz star starts his treatment by peeling down Hayato’s briefs and administering some juicy oral therapy. Hayato’s long straight tool goes down like butter, then Kouya glances up for his approval as he beats his buddy’s meat. Hayato has some oral therapy of his own to dish out, and the horny pair clutch each other in a hot tight 69. He lies back and lifts his thick strong legs as Kouya dives in for a musky lick of asshole. A handful of lube and a probing finger get Hayato ready for a deep fuck.

But first Kouya wields a bumpy black toy that slips into Hayato’s booty one ring at a time. Kouya’s cock is getting lonely, so he rolls on a condom and slowly slides it into Hayato’s hungry asshole. Hayato tosses his head back, closes his eyes and just lets the feeling of Kouya’s invading dick overwhelm his senses. Kouya grabs Hayato’s stiff prong like a joystick and works his buddy to a frenzy. They roll over so Hayato is poised for a hot cock ride. Kouya uses short sharp strokes inside Hayato’s smooth wet hole. He plows in from behind and races toward a big splashy load. They kiss as Kouya rams in balls deep. Pulling out, it takes just a few strokes before Kouya’s cock geysers out a creamy puddle that drips down off his fist. Hayato takes his meat in hand and sprays his own juicy load onto his tight abs.

Date: July 2, 2021

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