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Sporty Higaken is hanging with his friend Teppei, who needs some exercise tips for getting in shape. They try doing some squats for the legs, then move to the bed to assist each other in ab training. Teppei gamely goes through the motions, then helps Higaken do some extensions for the lower back. But his heart’s not in it– he has a much better plan to burn off the calories and have some naughty fun in the process. Even health nut Higaken is ready for a bout of sexercise with Teppei ready to be the teacher. The two handsome young Tokyo studs happily spring into action.nnClad in his one-piece wrestling singlet, Higaken twines his legs around Teppei and pulls him into a deep kiss. Teppei’s in a pair of tight white briefs that barely cover his firm round ass as he slinks down to press his mouth onto Higaken’s swelling tool. He strips down and helps peel Higaken out of his black singlet. The tall muscular stud stands, while kneeling Teppei nurses on his hard dick. They lie on the bed to 69, then Higaken slides a couple of lubed-up fingers into Teppei’s hungry butthole. He rolls on a condom and pumps his cock into his horny buddy. Straddling and riding Higaken’s meat, Teppei has found an exercise that suits him to a t. Arms intertwined, the two young Asians pound their bodies together in a moment of hot passion. Higaken pulls out and both spray their juicy loads onto Teppei’s tight trained abs. They smile and catch their breath after an intense session of delightful sexercise.

Date: June 8, 2020

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