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Tale of the Tape


An innocent roll of pretty, pale pink plastic tape has quite a tale to tell around the halls of Japanboyz. This time it’s what bonds hot young Kenchi and hung, seasoned kinkster Yusaku together in a bondage game. Yusaku happens on Kenchi sitting wrapped in a few strips of the tape and moves in for a kiss. Kenchi plays hard to get, then submits and opens up to the pierced and tatted Asian stud and his feverish advances. Yusaku moves down to kiss and nibble on Kenchi’s sensitive nips, sensuously dragging his fingers over the shiny surface of the tape around Kenchi’s lean-muscled chest. He continues down to Kenchi’s stiff cock, swallowing it to the stubbly root. A second stripe of the shiny tape wraps across Kenchi’s thighs and crotch, pushing his dick and nuts up into Yusaku’s face. Yusaku stands and peels off his undies, offering his pierced and ringed dickhead to Kenchi for a suck. Kenchi takes it down like a pro, slurping and licking Yusaku’s big tool.

The game continues on the bed, with Kenchi’s hands wrapped with tape around his ankles. His knees are raised and ass spread open as Yusaku climbs on and rubs his crotch into Kenchi’s fuck-hungry crack. Slicking the hole with a thick glob of lube, Yusaku slides in bareback to Kenchi’s contented moans. The tape conveniently disappears as Kenchi wraps his legs around Yusaku’s slim waist and pulls him in to a tight kiss and embrace. Yusaku begins to thrust into his buddy in earnest. Both Japanese horndogs start groaning with satisfaction as their bodies grind together. Kenchi rolls to hands and knees for Yusaku to take his ass from behind. His lean tatted arms holding him steady, Yusaku pounds his cock in balls deep. Slowly he pumps in and out, prolonging the pleasure as long as he can hold out. The two edging studs lie next to each other to milk out their creamy wads. Kenchi shoots first in thick drips down his clenching fist. He nuzzles into Yusaku’s chest as the edgy stud squirts his sperm onto his lightly furry abs.

Date: September 30, 2021

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