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Tied Up Yusaku


Handsome, soft-spoken Ruito doesn’t seem the likeliest candidate to play the leather master, but edgy Yusaku really gets his gonads in high gear by being bound at the wrists and bossed around. So Ruito dutifully leads him in on a leash tied to the wrist cuffs. Yusaku is so hot and ready that he eagerly slurps down Ruito’s dick when he peels out of his briefs. Ruito works his buddy’s nips while he’s getting the hot juicy oral treatment. His breathing speeds up as he fucks his tool down Yusaku’s insatiable mouth.

They lie on the bed, Yusaku with his bound hands back over his head. Ruito licks his nuts and works his way down to get a taste of Yusaku’s tight hole. The tatted and pierced stud groans with pleasure when Ruito fingers his puckered ass. Yusaku’s legs fly up and apart in anticipation. Rolling on a rubber, Ruito slides in easily. He starts pumping hard and deep. He looks as if he wants to stroke his cock, but the cuffs on his wrists make that unlikely. He reaches his hands up behind Ruito’s neck to pulls the hot top closer for a kiss. Ruito plows in from behind and both are getting close. Yusaku rises up to a kneel and Ruito gives a last few hard thrusts before he pulls out. He strokes just a few times before a thick load comes spraying out, dripping down his big cock. Freed from his shackles” Yusaku beats off and squirts out a hot sticky splatter.”

Date: May 28, 2021

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