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Topping Tomoki


New boy at Japanboyz Tomoki is wrapped in a towel gazing at the lights of Tokyo when Kouya steps over and bundles into a sheet with him, leading him straight to bed. Smooth and sexy Kouya deftly smooches Tomoki’s nipple while he works the towel off his groin. He slurps away at Tomoki’s stiff woody, cupping his nuts in one hand. Locking lips with Tomoki, he pins his legs back so his open ass is just a convenient few inches from Kouya’s rod. Before you know it Tomoki’s ankles are wrapped around Kouya’s waist and they’re ready to fuck.nnTomoki gets in a few sucks, crouches on all fours for Kouya to slide on a condom and plow in. He kneels while Kouya plays with his nipples and screws his butt from behind. Kouya slams in hard, his nuts slapping against Tomoki’s tight wet crack. When Tomoki climbs on to ride, he jerks his buddy’s hard dick, gives him a treat from both ends. When Kouya pounds his prostate from the side, Tomoki can barely hold on any longer. He spurts his sperm in a puddle around his navel, then watches intently while his studly top shoots. His thick, creamy wad runs down Kouya’s shaft and coats his ballsack.

Date: January 7, 2021

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