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New Japanboyz model Yuichi is slender and pale, with a sweet crooked smile and a blush across his cheeks. He’s a bit shy, and who better to open him up than Mr. Romance Fuji. Fuji leans in to share a loving kiss with the new boy, helps him out of his t-shirt and gets him relaxed and comfortable for his first action scene on Japanboyz. Perfect Asian 20-year old Yuichi is in good hands with warm and patient Fuji.nnFuji’s lips go for the rosy little bumps of Yuichi’s nipples as he uses a hand to gently arouse his sleepy cock. Once his mouth works its magic on the swelling tool, Yuichi’s fully engaged and ready for some sexplay. He nibbles on Fuji’s muscular chest, cradles his nuts as he gingerly takes Fuji’s stiff tool into his hungry mouth. Then Fuji runs his tongue up the crack of Yuichi’s butt and sends a thrill up through his body. He’s warming the new boy up for a fuck. Yuichi lifts his legs up as Fuji slides a slick finger in. His cock slides in smoothly and Yuichi gasps with pleasure. He’s ready to ride, straddles Fuji as his insides twitch and heat up from the hot thick tool inside. Their bodies knit together like a smooth running machine, and Yuichi closes his eyes to concentrate on the feeling. He welcomes the hard pounding as Fuji speeds up, can’t hold back. They separate and Yuichi needs only a few moments till a thick creamy load drizzles down his shaft. Fuji showers the new boy with a warm splatter of juicy cum. They smile happily for the camera as the two new friends nuzzle closer on the bed.

Date: September 23, 2020

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