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Yu Yuki’s New Fuckbud


Handsome new Japanboyz model Yu Yuki’s hit it off with hot bronzed Asian twink Kouya, and the two are having a sleepover. Kouya shows Yu a fuck scene on his mobile phone, and Yu remarks that he’s horny and wants Kouya to fuck his mouth and butt like the guys on the phone. Kouya is HAPPY to oblige and give up his big cock to the new guy. Kissing and cuddling under the sheets gives way to groping and cocksucking, with Yu moaning in ecstasy. Kouya yanks down Yu’s briefs and gets a nice look at his new fuckbud’s beautiful bod. He spits in his palm and starts stroking Yu’s long thick dick. Yu returns the favor, slurping down Kouya’s stiff prick, and they 69 to get their thirsty mouths full of the cock they are craving.

Kouya runs his tongue up Yu’s crack to his big heavy nuts, then drills in a couple of wet fingers. Yu gasps with delight when Kouya rams his cock in to the root. Yu surrenders to a hot deep fuck with arms stretched back above his head. Between deep groans he smiles and kisses Kouya. Climbing on from behind, Kouya speeds up his thrusts and aims to cum with his fuck buddy. Side by side they milk the loads out of their swollen stiffies. Catching their breath they kiss and lie together drenched in happy puddles of cum.

Date: August 27, 2021

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