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Pride Studios – Beef Massage


Riley Mitchel has come to Tony Orion for a nice deep massage. Once on the table, Tony cannot help but compliment how good Riley looks and begins paying special attention to his beefy ass. Between strokes on his body, Tony takes off his own shirt revealing his own beefy hairy body. He then reaches under and starts stroking Riley’s big hard cock. Riley rolls over on the massage table and Tony starts sucking his cock. After a brief warm-up, Tony is able to deep throat all of Riley’s cock to his sheer delight. Tony then climbs up on the table and as he sucks Riley’s cock, Riley rims his beefy ass. Tony then starts out riding Riley’s cock deep in his ass. He then lies on his back and Riley pile drives his ass for a bit before he gets off the massage table and fucks him deeper and harder. Tony shoots his load and then asks Riley to shoot his load all over his ass and then tells him to shove his raw cock back inside him.

Date: October 4, 2019

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