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Pride Studios – Employee Relations


Isaac is hard at work and stressing to get this review out before his ass gets fired. Phenix is on his way out of work but before he leaves the office he wants to get his cock wet from Isaac. The last time these two studs played the boss almost caught them and they could have been fired if it wasn’t for Phenix’s quick thinking. Isaac at first is very reluctant to do anything sexual while on the clock. Phenix on the other hand is not giving up that easy and continues to pressure Isaac. Phenix is done talking so he walks around the desk and promises Isaac he will be quiet this time as he pulls his cock out right into Isaac’s face. Isaac finally gives in and begins to deep throat that fat cock but right from the get-go Phenix is being way too loud so Isaac has to put his hand over his mouth to shut him up while he gives him the best blow job of his life. Phenix then beds Isaac over his desk and fucks him hard and good but they are not being too quiet as Isaac moans and groans. They move from the desk to the chair where Isaac rides that cock while stroking his own fat dick. They are both being very loud but by this point nobody cares what will happen and just as they finish blowing some hot cum they can hear their boss pounding on the door.


Date: October 17, 2014

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