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Pride Studios – The Janitor’s Closet


Matt’s busy as hell pulling another all nighter trying to get caught up with work. James the janitor is on his nightly routine walking down the hallways checking the offices for trash to empty out when he barges in on Matt who is startled. Matt shrugs it off and while James is grabbing his trash Matt starts to check him out from head to toe. On his way back to the janitor’s closet James has a raging hard on and he rubs himself as he finishes up his nightly duties. Matt, super horny, heads down the hallway towards the closet and sneaks up on James. While standing there rubbing his cock quietly, James turns around and can’t believe Mr. Stevens is checking him out. They both move in closer and James tells Matt to get on his knees and suck his cock. Matt pulls out that big fat cock with some even bigger low hangers and gulps it down slobbering all over his dick. James takes control and face fucks Matt balls deep, slapping him on the chin with them. James is ready to fuck that ass and gets it loosened with one finger, then two, and finally three fingers deep he fucks him good and hard. Matt has been eager for a night fuck and he loves how aggressive James is being with him as his tie is pulled around his neck while being fucked deep and hard. The balls slap away constantly and James gets his creamy load blasted all over Matt’s face.


Date: September 23, 2014

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