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Pride Studios – Training Past 30 Is Hard


Sean Harding is doing his pre-workout warm-up by doing crunches and his trainer Michael Roman is motivating him and as he gets down next to Sean to assist, Sean cannot help be distracted by the hard cock showing in Michael’s shorts. Not hesitating, Sean reaches for it and starts stroking him making it even harder. Michael stands up and feeds Sean his cock and Sean eagerly sucks him deep down his throat. Michael then drops to his knees and sucks Sean. They then move into a 69 on the exercise matt and then Sean moves to Michaels ass and rims him. Sean then fucks Michael’s hole deep with his long hard cock. Michael then puts Sean on his knees and rims his ass and then fucks him from behind doggy style. He then flips Sean onto his back and fucks him hard until he cannot hold back and pulls out shooting his cum all over Sean.

Date: August 16, 2019

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