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Next Door Studios – CANDY LIPS


Garrett Michaels is the strong, silent type. A man of few words, he instead chooses to communicate through non-verbal body language, which is fine with Britney Bunny. She prefers less talk and more action anyway. So as Garrett’s steely gaze beckons her closer, she unzips his pants and snakes her way into his fly, where Garrett’s cock is definitely telling her something. Listening to his promptings, she moves down to her knees and begins to suck him off, but he doesn’t break, hardly changing expression even as his cock hardens in her mouth. No stranger to a man’s needs, she can tell what will happen next, even without a spoken word. Garrett strips her down and tongues her from calf to the nape of the neck, and everywhere in between, before strapping up and penetrating her as she reclines back and closes her eyes, indulging in the ecstatic feeling of his cock inside her. As he moves back and forth, she gets a sense of his ability to express himself in other ways, and when he pulls out and explodes all over her, it’s like a beautiful sonnet, written in Garrett’s milky prose.Enjoy!

Date: July 1, 2012

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