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Next Door Studios – Celebration Sex


Vic Valentino has been a hard working security supervisor for a long time, apprenticing under the toughest police sergeant in the city. The serge has finally made good on his promise; Vic’s been promoted to full-time beat cop. His girlfriend, Heather Vaughn, has been a policewoman in the city for 2 years now, and Vic is elated to finally be her professional equal. So is she.She’s so proud of Vic, she’s come down to the station late to surprise him with some celebration sex! She’s starting by unleashing Vic’s massive dick and sucking it hard, using loads of saliva to make it extra slick in her mouth. Vic is a little nervous about getting it on right in locker room, just after his promotion, but Heather lips feel too good around his boner. He’s taking advantage of the moment and sliding his cock inside her, fucking her like he never thought he would. Something about the thrill of accomplishment has made Vic a sexual beast. Watch him ravage his main squeeze as he uses his awesomely chiseled upper body and his plump but firm ass. It’s a romantic, jubilant occasion for a very happy, very horny couple. Enjoy!

Date: January 13, 2013

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