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Next Door Studios – DINNER PARTY


Darcy Tyler is changing plans at the last minute. Scheduled to meet her man, Max Steele, for dinner, her appetite has all of a sudden shifted from food to something else. So when Max arrives to pick her up, rather than being ready to go, she is instead good to go: sporting a tight see through dress that immediately lets Max know that A) dinner is definitely going to be delayed B) he couldn’t care less.Pressing his hand into the small of her back, he pulls her closer as they recline on the sofa. Working her hand into his pants, she moves her fingers around his cock and she feels him get hard against her palm. Moving down, she wraps her lips around the head of his cock and helps herself to a mouthful. Swelling as she takes him deep down into her throat, Max is getting more worked up by the minute, so when he can’t stand any more, he rips Darcy’s clothes off and spreads her legs and fills her with his stiff man meat. Whimpering slightly as he enters, Darcy realizes this is what she’s been craving all day, and when Max pulls out and cums all over her chest, he realizes that this beats dinner any old day.Enjoy!

Date: June 17, 2012

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