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Next Door Studios – Money Shot


Tyger Biggs is struggling alone in his room. Horny and frustrated, he wants nothing more than to just get off and get all the pent up frustration out of his system. The only problem is he just can’t seem to get it up by himself. He’s tried everything- porno mags, lube, fuck dolls- to no avail. So after exhausting every other option, he breaks down and dials up a professional to deal with his problem. Shortly after, one Brittany Amber, professional dick handler, is on the scene. Strictly business is her motto, but once Tyger’s card clears and the payment is secure, Brittany is one of the best. She pushes Tyger back onto the bed and begins to swallow his cock whole. Gagging the shaft in a slobbery mess, she plays with his balls while he fucks her face, slowly stripping out of her tight skirt and spreading her legs as she sits on his face. Tyger tongues her between her legs while he strokes his dick, and finally he is ready to fuck. So he plunges deep inside her while running his hands down the front of her neck and chest. She flips him over and rides him into the ground, grinding on his cock with her moist button as he grabs her ass and holds on. She rides him damn near into submission, whereupon he seizes the moment he’s been waiting for and unloads a gizz bomb worth every pretty penny he’s paid.Enjoy!

Date: August 26, 2012

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