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Next Door Studios – Rise & Shine


It’s early in the morning and the world is just waking up, pouring that first cup of coffee and trying to start the day the right way. Bobby Bull is no different. But his idea of a fresh start has nothing to do with coffee and everything to do with the buxom blonde making it. Brittany Amber is a fine sight to wake up to, and Bobby does not waste the morning bounty, kissing Brittany on her neck and ear as she works her way down his chest. Putting his hard cock in her mouth, she sucks away while he throws his head back in the dawning light, and as she works him into an uncontrollable state, he pulls off her panties and plunges his cock deep into her, bending her over the counter and pounding away. Moving over to the couch, she gets on her knees and sticks her ass high in the air as he fucks her from behind, pulling out and showering her with a glistening load that shimmers in the morning light. Enjoy!

Date: October 21, 2012

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