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Next Door Studios – Total Indulgence


When a sultry afternoon offers sexy Ricky Thicke the opportunity to enjoy a striptease from the beautiful and voluptuous Devilish Desire, things heat up quickly.

Devilish is a new gal Ricky’s been seeing and he figured it would be a good idea to invite her over to hang out while he house-sits for the weekend. She was quite agreeable to the rendezvous and even said she would bring over a surprise for Ricky. Devilish arrived and put on some sensuous music. It didn’t take long for Ricky to pop a fat boner in his shorts. Devilish noticed and went straight for the goods. after some passionate sucking, Devilish revealed the surprise. It was a strap on dildo for Ricky to experience. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. But once she had fastened the thing around her hips, Ricky knew he wanted it in his mouth. She teased him a bit before letting him wrap his lips around the dildo and take a good, hard face fucking. Then she laid Ricky down, licked his warm hole for a bit, and slid the cock inside Ricky’s ass. Join these two as Ricky realizes new heights of pleasure. And watch Ricky reciprocate when he pounds Devilish hard and proper, just the way she likes it.


Date: September 8, 2013

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