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Next Door Studios – Axle Futura


Axle Futura is a soft-spoken guy with a little hitch in his accent and a whole lot of swagger in his britches. Coming from the midwest, he brings a straight-forward attitude and a body that’s not too shabby, to boot. We catch up with him as he’s fixing himself an afternoon cocktail, and once mixed, he decides to fully unwind. He starts by taking a sip and then slipping out of his clothes, peeling off his tight underwear and reclining on a bar stool, his legs spread and his back to the bar. He begins to work himself up, slowly massaging his cock in the afternoon light.

Making pretty fast work of his drink, he spins around and begins to play with his ass, getting looser by the second as his cock swells with the urge to spew.

Axle then climbs up onto the bar, fully extended and ready to make this a truly ‘happy hour’, unleashing his load as his toes curl up and then release.


Date: June 16, 2014
Actors: Axle Futura

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